mercredi 17 avril 2019

SRAM select command Ver 1.0

The circuit for the selection of the sixteen SRAM bank is done.

This system is able to select the sixteen 2Kb equivalent space memory of my auto-saved memory :

To reach this goal, I used a totally new microcontroller for me and Chinees brand. This microcontroller is unlike any of those known in Europe or the USA. But I like testing new solutions... To work with this new I.C., there is an emulator that can be used to prototype the concept :

As usual, when the program 'looks' good, it's time to burn the software into the microcontroller. This microcontroller is not in-circuit programmable and does not offer the in-circuit emulation. It's a little limitation to its use, especially for complex systems. But the emulator supports the real-time mode. In the same way, the programmer does not allow to directly burn the type of microcontroller used, it is necessary to make a small assembly :

But, again, it works very well :

Once the program is written into the microcontroller, it remains only to solder it on the final board and to test the final assembly :

The system works perfectly and I was able to test the access to all the banks in the memory, thanks to the use of the test mode of the Mini-Pro 'universal' programmer.

Now, the next step is to install the complete system into the JX-8P, for example...

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