Drumulator Kit


These two boards are very simple to install : 

The wave-roms switcher.

The OS switcher.
- The WAVE-ROM  board takes place on the first three original IC sockets, in place of the original ROMs. It offers : 

  • TWO waves sets selectable with a switch. 
  • The original Drumulator sound set is provided.
  • Each wave-rom takes place in a single 64K rom for a very easy installation.
  • BONUS : a free additional wave-rom with others sound waves will be provided : 
    1. ROM A: TR606 cymbal
    2. ROM B: LINNDRUM oh, TR808 long kick
    3. ROM C: TR808 oh, TR808 ch, SP1200 sn, TR808 rs
    4. ROM D: SP1200 kick, TR808 ma, TR707 kick, TR808 cp, TR707 cb

- The OS-SWITCHER board takes place on the original system and RAM ic sockets. It offers : 

  • Two system selection. One original V3 system and one DIGIDRUM system for example.
  • The original V3 system is provided with this board.
  • One signal to select the wave-rom bank with the corresponding system in case of the use of the original Drum set + one DIGIDRUM set.
  • Two bakuped SRAM bank for the step sequencer.
  • Backup RAM with a standard CR2032 battery on socket.
  • Better RAM protection at power on/off with red LED witch indicates the Power Good Status.
  • Standard M.I.D.I. input.
  • The two Drumulator system takes place into a single 64K rom for a very small result.
  •  A M.I.D.I. standard input connector will be provided.
Only two small modifications have to be realized. One for the Power Good condition detection and one for the M.I.D.I. input. In both case, it's about soldering a wire. This operation do not require a lot of experience with a soldering iron.

Note : a customization service is also available to allow you to acquire ROMs containing your own drum sounds, or other...

For price and availability :

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